What are the system requirements? Supported drones and devices?

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Dronelink is supported across a variety of drones, mobile devices and operating systems.

Visit dronelink.com/supported-drones to find out if your drone is supported.

Visit dronelink.com/download to easily download and install the correct Dronelink app.


Additional Information

Dronelink can be a resource intensive application (learn more). For the best experience and results, we recommend using modern hardware whenever possible, meaning mobile devices released within the last year or two. If you use an older device, you will probably encounter performance issues. Check if your device will perform well.

Don't see your platform? Let us know and we will do our best to add support.


Important: When DJI releases a new drone, it can take several weeks or months before they update the DJI SDK to support the new hardware. Once DJI releases an update, Dronelink typically adds support within a few days or weeks. DJI has made it clear that they only intend to add new drone support on Android going forward (learn more).

The Mavic 3 Pro and Mavic 3 Classic are not supported.

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Mobile Devices / Controllers


DJI (Modern - MSDKv5)

*** Dronelink DJI app - Android only ***

DJI (Legacy - MSDKv4)

*** Dronelink app - iOS & Android unless otherwise indicated ***


*** Dronelink app - iOS only ***

  • Autel EVO II - learn more
    • Autel EVO II 8k
    • Autel EVO Pro 6k


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