How do I install the native app on DJI monitors?

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Download and install the APKs for your device.

Please keep in mind that many of DJI's monitors are effectively low performance, outdated Android devices, which may cause performance limitations for Dronelink (more discussion here). For the best user experience, consider upgrading to a more capable and modern Android or iOS device that has been released within the last two years.

IMPORTANT: You must allow all of the permissions that the app asks for, otherwise the app will not function. See this article for more information.

RC Pro (Beta)

  • Dronelink (required)
  • Google Text to Speech (optional)
  • Not supported with the DJI Air 2S until DJI releases a firmware update to support DJI SDK app activation on this model.

Smart Controller


Phantom 4 Advanced / Pro V1 Screen

NOTE: Do not try to install Dronelink from the Google Play store after installing the Google Play APK - It will not work! Also, Google Play Services may show display error notifications periodically. Tap Settings > Apps > Swipe Left (to view all apps) > Google Play Services > Force Stop.

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