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Camera Feed not working with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra an Mavic Mini



  • Jim McAndrew

    Did you kill DJI Fly before opening Dronelink? Did you grant all permissions?

  • Thomas Walz

    Yes. It happens only o. The galaxy with Exynos. On my old Huawei it works

  • Oliver Paulus

    Hi Jim, hi Thomas,

    wow, same here: I recently bought a Samsuing Galaxy S21 Ultra and only then I found out that neither DJI FlyApp nor Dronelink app are compatible with that phone... no live picture from the MavicMini visible, screen stays just black... :-(

    It is apparently due to the processor the S21 Ultra uses - maybe just certain country versions affected (mine is a "German" phone).

    DJI is obviously already working on that issue and will solve it in version 1.4.2, as I read somewhere.

    Will that fix from DJI for the FlyApp then also fix the issue in the Dronelink app automatically?
    Or is there no interconnection between the two apps?

    KR, Oliver

  • Jim McAndrew

    I assume they would also have to release the fix in the DJI SDK (if it isn't a drone firmware update).


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