How do I join and test the Beta app?

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The Dronelink beta is open to any user with a paid account. Login with your existing username and password. Beta testing is intended for advanced users that are actually interested in testing and providing feedback.


To access the beta on your preferred platform:


Click this link from your iOS device to opt-in to the beta from Apple TestFlight


Click this link from your Android device to opt-in to the beta on Google Play

If your device does not support Google Play (e.g. DJI Remote Controllers with Screens), download and install the APK directly by clicking one of the links below from your device. DJI Monitors may require additional APKs (learn more).

  • Dronelink DJI - Download APK
    • DJI RC Plus
    • DJI RC Pro Enterprise
  • Dronelink (64 bit) - Download APK
    • Modern android devices
    • DJI RC Pro
    • DJI Smart Controller
  • Dronelink (32 bit) - Download APK
    • Legacy Android devices
    • DJI CrystalSky
    • DJI P4 Advanced / Pro V1 Screen

Web App

Click this link to access the beta web app

If available, the web app beta must be used together with the native app beta, otherwise you will experience issues.

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