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What happens if the drone loses connection?



  • Josh Straub

    So... what’s the answer to the question?

    Are you implying, without explicitly stating so, that because of the custom on-device software “flight controller”, using DroneLink requires sacrificing the factory failsafe RTH features? If not, you should reword this article to focus on answering the question. 

  • Jim McAndrew

    The answer is: whatever you have the DJI setting set to do. It it just as if you were flying manually.

  • Steve Shackelford

    Personally, a totally autonomous software/app from Dronelink for the Mini W/O all the 1,000s of options  while building plans/missions, would be a great starting place to learn... then advance to the Current Dronelink Software/App/Program for more challenging flights? Just my take.

  • Jim McAndrew

    The mini does not support onboard waypoints.


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