June 2022 - Product Updates - Mission Planner 2.0

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The Mission Planner 2.0 release greatly simplifies mission planning across all devices, with updated and new mission components, improved usability and performance, and optimized planning on small mobile devices.

Click on titles or images below to learn more about each feature.

Check out the video to see some of the main Mission Planner 2.0 updates in action.


Mobile Optimized Mission Planning

Plan and edit missions easily on a mobile device using touch in the Dronelink mobile app.


Waypoints 2.0 Mission Component

Simpler multi-waypoint planning and quick access to main actions and settings. 


3D Planner and Virtual Drone

Preview the flight path using  3D Preview, and build mission plans using a virtual drone.


Photo Mission Component 

Take a photo at a specific waypoint and altitude, and specify a POI


Pano Mission Component

Take a spherical (360) or horizontal (180) pano at a waypoint and altitude.


Build Missions with Add (+) Menu

Right click / long press on the map, or select "Add" to build mission plans.


Mission Planner Mode Settings 

Switch from Normal to Expert mode to access more advanced settings.


Mission Component Map Visibility

Click eye icon to hide or show mission components for easier planning.


Hover Mission Component

Stop the drone at a specific location in a mission and hover for set time.



Additional Updates

  • Name Changes
    • New easier to understand names. Reference new names with previously used names.
  • Altitude Visibility
    • Altitudes display under waypoints, path actions, and at the start and end of all mission components. When altitude is not set at a waypoint, the interpolated altitude is displayed.
  • Basic vs Advanced Settings
    • Basic settings only show the most important settings, making them easily visible. Expand Advanced settings to view more options, and change Modes to view even more.
  • Issues Indicator and Badges Update:
    • Warnings do not display an Issue Badge, only Danger level issues display a badge.
  • All Release Notes Available Here


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