February 2022 - Product Updates

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Learn about new product updates; including new features, improved usability, and new drone support.

This article summarizes some of the main updates released since the last Product Update.

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 Mini 2, Air 2S, Mini SE Support

Support for on Android and iOS now available for the Mini 2, Air 2S and Mini SE .



Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Support

Support for the M2EA. Including thermal and multiple external accessories.


M300RTK Support and Payloads

Support for the M300RTK.  Including thermal, H20, H20T and multiple payloads.


Create No-Fly Restriction Zones

Navigate around no-fly zones useful for inspections, mapping and realty modeling.


Solar Farm Inspection Solution

Learn how to streamline solar farm inspections with the Solar Inspection template.


Expert Mapping Features

Overlaps / distance image spacing, time / distance capture priority, drone heading and more.


Follow Map Tracking Options

Change between different map tracking options, including follow and follow (north).


Adjust Map Starting Location and Rows

Drag the map approach pin to set a new starting point or fine tune the row placement.


Import Map Boundary Points 

Quickly duplicate map settings and upload new boundary points with KML imports.


Manual Gimbal Pitch Override

Perform manual gimbal pitch adjustments during autonomous missions.


Export Flown Missions

Filter and then export mission list to a spreadsheet for download and record keeping


Fine Tune Map Heading Direction

Make small adjustments to the map heading direction using this new control.



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