M300RTK - M350RTK - Unofficial Support and FAQ

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Important Notes:

  • M300RTK and M350RTK support is unofficial and drones not actively tested by Dronelink


Below learn about the limited support for the M300RTK, payloads, and how to install the Dronelink app on supported devices.

A Professional Growth plan is required for this drone.


What devices are supported? 

Unofficial Support:

Not Tested / Beta Testing Open:

Not Supported:

  • Android mobile devices with M300RTK Smart Controller
  • Installing and running Dronelink on the M300RTK Smart Controller (a low performance device)


What M300RTK Payloads are Supported?


  • H20, H20T, XT2, Z30 with limited command support (see section below)
  • Dual Downward Gimbals can be triggered simultaneously and with separate gimbal angles 
  • Upward gimbal LIMITED support (currently restricted to 0-30 degrees camera angle, contact us about your use case) 

Not-Supported: P1, L1 and other 3rd party payloads


What thermal features are supported?


  • Triggering Thermal Camera

Not Supported: 

  • Thermal menus, controls and indicators
  • Sending thermal camera commands

Configure thermal camera settings in the DJI App before autonomous flight.


Configure Network RTK - with RC Plus (Beta)

With Dronelink DJI installed on the RC Plus, the RTK setup process is supported within the Modern Flight Dashboard.

This is in beta and has not been tested.

Learn how to setup RTK on the RC Plus here. 


Updated Mission Planning Camera Specs for H20 and H20T

New camera specs have been added for the H20 series.

Learn about how to Set Camera Specs During Mission Planning to achieve correct overlaps.






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