Setting Camera Specs During Mission Planning for Correct Mapping and Facade Overlaps

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Each drone as a different field of view (FOV) based on the camera. This has implications when mission planning, specifically for mapping and facade missions that use overlap values to determine the flight path. It is also important to set when performing visual mission planning using 3D previews for other components.

Dronelink does not automatically adjust the flight path based on the connected drone. A user must create mission plans specific to the drone they are targeting. Select the target camera from the provided dropdown list of supported drones by Dronelink.


Setting Camera Specs in Map and Facade Missions

Step 1 - Select Camera Dropdown in the Map or Facade Component




Step 2 - Select Target Camera from the List



If you are doing thermal inspections, the FOV is smaller, and will require more closely spaced path. For drones with thermal and RGB payloads, make sure to select the correct camera spec from the dropdown.


See the Difference Between 2 Cameras for the Same Mapping Flight Path 





Setting Correct Camera for Visual Mission Planning and 3D Previews

Step 1 - Select the Drone Parameters in the Simulated Drone Camera Preview

In either the Mission Preview or when using a Simulated Drone, select the drone parameters at the button of the 3D preview window.




Step 2 - Select the Correct Camera from the Camera Dropdown



Notice the field of view change in the preview and see the difference in the 3D preview.






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