Why is Dronelink unable to connect to my drone?

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There are multiple reasons why Dronelink may not be able to connect to your drone:

  1. Is your drone supported (including the mobile operating system you are using)?
    1. See full system requirements
  2. If your drone is supported:
    1. Are you using the latest version of Dronelink (see release notes)?
    2. Are you using the correct flavor of Dronelink for your drone model (learn more)?
    3. Are you using the latest drone firmware from DJI?
  3. Do you have DJI GO, DJI Fly, or 3rd-party flight app running in the background?
    1. If so, terminate it first.
    2. If you are using a DJI Remote Controller, learn how to terminate DJI Fly or DJI Pilot correctly.
      1. Not terminating the app correctly can also result in the drone quickly connecting and disconnecting repeatedly.
    3. If you previously instructed Android to automatically open another app upon connecting the drone, disable that first.
  4. If you are on Android, did you grant all the permissions on install?
    1. If not, you must grant all permissions (learn more).
  5. Have you run Dronelink with a network connection at least once?
    1. This is necessary as DJI requires all apps built with the DJI SDK to register at least once with the DJI SDK servers.
  6. Is your Remote Controller linked to your drone?
    1. If you are unable to link your Remote Controller, you may need to update the RC firmware to support your drone model. For example, DJI Fly requires different firmware to connect to the Mini 2 vs the Mini 3 with the DJI RC-N1.
  7. In rare cases you may need to unplug the mobile device from the remote controller and plug it back in and/or restart Dronelink after you do this.
  8. You may also need to use a different cable or plug the device into the OTG port on the remote controller.
    1. If you use the OTG port, make sure to unplug the default connection cable.

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