July 2023 - Product Updates - Zoom, Custom RC Buttons, Multi-Language, Live Streaming, Manage Billing, Featured Photos

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Zoom Controls and Commands

Control zoom manually in the flight dashboard or use zoom commands in missions.


Multi-Language Support (beta)

12 additional languages in the web app and mobile apps. Help us with translations.


 Customize RC   Buttons 

Customize RC buttons to Pause missions, change EV, adjust gimbal, and more.

custom RC.png

Live RTMP Video Streaming (beta)

Live stream drone video using RTMP. Set URL and start in the Flight Dashboard.


Featured Photos - Submit Images

Submit your best drone photos to get featured on the Dronelink app home screen.

featured photo.png

Manage Billing / View Payments

Manage and edit billing info, view and download invoices,  view upcoming payments

manage biling 3.png


Additional Updates

  • Auxiliary Light Control
    • Toggle the built in auxiliary light the bottom of the drone on or off. Either manually in the Flight Dashboard, or using a drone command
  • iOS Phone Charging Settings
    • Toggle on / off phone charging in the RC Flight Dashboard Settings


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