Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro Support Overview

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Learn about support for the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro, including how to install the Dronelink app correctly and any existing limitations.


Important Details Summary

  • Mini 3 Pro + RC Pro is not in Beta anymore!
  • RC-N1 + Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro is still in beta. Users will experience app crashes.
  • There is no iOS support.
  • Do not install from the Google Play or Apple App Stores.
  • Review the installation details below to install the correct Dronelink App.
  • The obstacle avoidance system is not active during Dronelink missions on the Mini 3 at this time. Dronelink is working with DJI for an update to be released in the future. Take caution and be ready to take control.
  • RC-N1 physical buttons have inconsistent behavior - see section below


What remote controllers and devices are supported?

Supported: DJI RC Pro, DJI RC-N1 with modern 64bit Android devices 

  • RC Pro only works with the Mini 3 Pro
  • RC-N1 (standard controller) will work with both Mini 3 Pro and the Mini 3 (this is still in beta)

Not Supported:


How to install the Dronelink app on the RC Pro for the Mini 3 Pro?

The Dronelink App must be installed on the RC Pro Remote Controller by downloading the correct Dronelink App APK for your specific remote controller. Do not install from the Google Play Store!

  1. Visit from the RC Pro browser
  2. Select the Mini 3 Pro from the list
  3. Select the RC Pro image to download the APK and install
  4. Make sure to Accept ALL permissions during installation
  5. Force Stop DJI Pilot 2 App when using Dronelink. Learn how to properly close DJI Pilot App.

See the step-by-step installation instructions here.


How to install the Dronelink app on a Android device for RC-N1?

The version of Dronelink that supports the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro is not available from the Google Play Store. You must install the APK directly on the Android device you are using.

Learn how to join, download and test the beta app here.

Post beta testing feedback here so that we can improve the product.

If you are using older DJI drones with this device, you will have 2 Dronelink apps on the device:

"Dronelink" and "Dronelink DJI"


Which Android Devices are Not Supported?

There are known issues with some devices, specifically the video feed no showing on the Mini 3:

Not Supported: Google Pixel 6 / 7, Samsung Galaxy s21

May have issues, not tested: Samsung Galaxy s22


RC-N1 Physical Button Known Issues

The RCN1 remote controller's physical buttons are showing inconsistent behavior. Use the on-screen buttons in the Dronelink app if you are experiencing issues. Specifically inconsistent behavior has been reported with the: pause mission / RTH button, function button on the top right when programed to a specific action, start capture button in video mode, and switch camera button.


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