How do I reactivate my cancelled account?

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If your subscription to a professional plan has been paused, cancelled, or your payment has failed, your account will have a Canceled status and must be reactivated.

You do not need to create a new user profile or account, sign in with the previous user profile that was associated with the account you want to reactivate.

If you purchased via a in-app purchase from Apple or Google, you must reactivate using the below method.

If you purchased at you must also follow the below steps. Your last payment details are not saved, so you must enter new payment details. Update payment details in Manage Billing.

If you are having issues with this process, please contact


Step 1 - On a web browser, Login with your account User Profile

You must be logged in as the previous user that was the account owner to reactivate the account.



Step 2 - Open Account Settings

Open the account settings for the cancelled account.



Step 3 - Select Reactivate Account



Step 4 - Input Payment Details in Manage Billing

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