Mavic 3 Enterprise Series (M3E, M3T, M3M) Support Overview

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Learn about support for the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series, including the M3E, M3T, M3M, supported payloads, and how to correctly install the Dronelink app.

A Professional Growth plan is required for these drones.


Important Notes:

  • There is no iOS support.
  • Do not install from the Google Play or Apple App Stores.


What drones are supported?

Supported: Mavic 3E, Mavic 3T (Thermal)

Not Tested: Mavic 3M (Multispectral) 


How to install Dronelink on RC Pro Enterprise?

  1. Visit from the RC Pro Enterprise browser
  2. Select the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series from the list
  3. Select the RC Pro Enterprise image to download the APK and install
  4. Make sure to Accept ALL permissions during installation
  5. Force Stop DJI Pilot 2 App when using Dronelink. Learn how to properly close DJI Pilot App.

See the step-by-step installation instructions here.


What payloads are supported?


Not Supported:

  • Loud Speaker

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Are there any camera or drone command limitations?

All camera commands that are supported for the M3E that are presented in the camera commands menu are supported.

For thermal commands see section below.


Supported Drone Commands

  • Low Battery Warning Threshold
  • Max Altitude
  • Return to Home Altitude
  • Connection Fail Safe Behavior
  • Home Location
  • Max Distance
  • Max Distance Limitation
  • Serious Low Battery Warning Threshold
  • Smart Return Home
  • Landing Protection
  • Precision Landing
  • Return Home Obstacle Avoidance
  • Obstacle Avoidance Mode, Brake/Warning Distance for all directions
  • Vision Assisted Positioning
  • Ocu Sync Channel Selection Mode
  • Ocu Sync Frequency Band

Non-Supported Drone Commands: All other drone commands not listed above.


What Mission Types are supported?

Supported: All virtual stick missions (Mapping, Waypoints, Orbits, Facades, Inspection, Panos, etc)

Not Supported: On-board Waypoints


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What thermal features are Supported?


  • Triggering Thermal Camera

Not Supported: 

  • Thermal menus, controls and indicators
  • Sending thermal camera commands

Configure thermal camera settings in the DJI App before autonomous flight.


Other Limitations

  • Histogram in the flight dashboard is not supported

These issues have been reported to DJI.


Updated Mission Planning Camera Specs

New camera specs have been added for the M3E, M3T.

Learn about how to Set Camera Specs During Mission Planning to achieve correct overlaps.


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