December 2022 - Product Updates - Mavic 3 Enterprise / Matrice 30 Series, RC Pro, Additional Mission Details

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App version 4.3.1 adds support for new DJI Enterprise drones and remote controllers. 

Updates also include faster Mission Previews, and showing additional missions details when flying and reviewing flight history.

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Mavic 3 Enterprise (3E / 3T) Support

Support for M3E and M3T with the RC Pro Enterprise Remote Controller


Matrice 30 (M30, M30T) Support

Support for M30 and M30T with the RC Plus Remote Controller


RC Enterprise Pro / RC Plus / RC Pro

Install Dronelink on the latest remote controllers for M3E, M30, M300, Air2S


Faster Mission Previews

Mission previews generate 2 times faster, and now have new 8x and 16x play speeds.


Updated Play Card and Mission Details

View relevant mission details to monitor flight progress with the Extended Summary.


View Captured Data Location on Map

View locations of captured data files overlayed on your mission plan after a flight.



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