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DJI Mini 2



  • Arizona Wyldwest

    Hello Tony and Kevin. Best thing to do is check DJI forums. DJI will usually give an approximate date on releases if they will be building and releasing the SDK for a specific newer drone. A2S and M2 included. You can search post within this forum for same question. It took about 6 to 7 months for the MA2 SDK to be released. Once released DL usually gets a Beta Version up and running quick. We never know when or if DJI will release for any particular drone. Hold steady, keep your ears open and be patient. 

    Enjoy, Mike…….

  • Jim McAndrew

    Seriously, it is really quite frustrating to have the same question over and over again when the answer is always the same. You can subscribe to updates on this article, or you can obsessively hit refresh on this page if you prefer.

  • Kevin Blakely

    Don't worry Jim, I no longer care.

  • Gustavo Fernandez

    buenas noches, existen novedades si DRONELINK ya funciona para DJI MINI SE?


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