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Home Point for RTH



  • Jim McAndrew

    The RTH behavior is controlled by DJI's firmware and works the same in all apps. When the motors arm before takeoff, the firmware automatically updates the home point to the current location - Dronelink has no control over this..

  • David White

    Jim, I assume the connection fail-safe setting that allows you to configure the behavior of the drone in the event that you lose connection gets set in the drone at the same time as the home point, correct?

  • Renato Cretella

    This mean that i dont have to do nothing! I launch dronelink, the homepoint is already update when the mission start and when i use the RTH i can be sure it will work!


  • Michael F.

    Yes, but it makes sense to launch the drone (e.g. Mavic Mini)  with DJI fly app. Wait until all pre-checks are finished and take off. After few seconds you should hear a voice saying  "The home point has been updated ..." or something like this. After that you can close DJI fly app, start Dronelink app and run your mission.



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