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MA2 Telemetry Issue



  • Arizona Wyldwest

    Don’t need to use the Beta version but you can if you want. Full production has been out for MA2 since about 12/2020.

    What device are you using ? If it’s an older device it can have problems due to not being powerful enough. Also Don’t have both the DJI Fly App and DL app open at same time. Best to make sure no other app is open on your device. If so it may cause issues depending on the devices power.

    Device and Drone supports info:

    Integration for Flight Logs:

    Maybe some of this will help.
    Enjoy, Mike….

    Edited to add other post regarding telemetry issues. Maybe it will help.

  • Felton Flood

    Still unable to receive telemetry. I've reviewed the many posts on the telemetry issue, but since it's my 1st time I still believe I'm neglecting something in the initial handshake process. Here are more details.

    I have a Mavic Air2-S and iPhone-12 pro max (IOS v16). DJI Fly app works so I can verify the drone is sending telemetry. I manually stop the DJI fly app from running in the background (I didn't know that was required - Thanks) and start Dronelink. I get "Telemetry Unavailable".

    If I disconnect from the controller the Dronelink app indicates "Disconnected". Once I connect to the controller I get "Telemetry Unavailable". I can see the flight plan with the drone location (blue dot). I switched from the Beta version to the regular Dronelink app, but got the same result. Power cycled the drone several times. Power cycled controller several times. 

    Q: Could there be some frequency mismatch? The DJI Fly app requires me to ID the type of drone, is this something I need to do with Dronelink?

    Q: Is there some way to search for a drone signal? For example, what if I have 2 drones running, how does the app know which one to control?

    Struggling to get started.

  • Felton Flood

    I see that MA2-S is still not supported. Thought I saw a youtube video using DL with MA2-S. I will need to find another option. Thanks.

  • Sinchenko83

    Hi! Tell me, can Air2S perform a mission without telemetry? Please try it, thank you!


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