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Mavic Mini Failed Mission / Mission Distance



  • Eric Goldstein


    I think you found your answer in the FAQ link you posted. :) 

    For Dronelink to work, it needs to have connectivity between the drone and the controller.   Realize that DL is sending "virtual stick commands" to control the drone.   The commands are not stored on the drone - so it will never have a work around (at least with this drone). 

    Looking quickly at your mission, it looks like you're going well beyond what I'd comfortably send a Mavic Mini out to do.

    You can load a mission, put the controller down and enjoy the results - but the drone has to be within range of the controller. 

    (and you really should have LOS view of your drone - but that's another story..)


  • Jim McAndrew

    You may also find this discussion interesting:

    TLDR: the mavic mini doesn't support uploaded missions, even if we wanted to.


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