How many images for Panos (Spherical and Horizontal)

Aircraft: DJI Air 2S
How many images for a spherical?
How many images for a horizontal?
6 panos: All images dumped in one folder!
Please see the attached image.
2 & 3 are horizontal
the rest are spherical.

When DJI takes the panos each pano is saved to a separate folder.
When DroneLink takes panos EVERYING is dumped in the SAME folder.  
The user is left count which pictures go where




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    Martin Reading Dronelink Expert Dronelink Expert

    Ok the answers are

    Spherical 27

    Horizontal 5

    You can check this out in the mission estimate by following these steps

    Open Mission Estimate Panel

    Click on Summary

    In this case I've named the 2 panos appropriately so if i click 360

    This will show that 360 consists of 27 images


    However of recent a new camera command has been introduced that enables you to set custom folder names on the SD card, I've not tried it in the field yet, however I've created a component list that contains both this new command and the stop capture command it requires that you can copy from here

    If this works how I think it does then you just insert it before each pano and set the folder name appropriately, to see what i mean check this out

    Mission showing set capture folder lists

    Set capture folder name by clicking here

    Change name here

    Hope that helps

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    Martin Reading Dronelink Expert Dronelink Expert

    As an addendum to my previous comment and it doesn't work with my mini 2 so I've asked in another post what drones are supported, with this not working on my mini2 I'll go back to doing what i normally do on such missions which is manually film a short video between photos, so the videos work as markers when I come to transfer material to my PC

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    George K Fahnbulleh
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    Martin, Thank You!  This is awesome information.
    This is what we did each camera icon is a hyperlink:
    Here are the Panos:

    Panos by Panoram Studio 4 Pro


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