Flight Dashboard Overview

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Dronelink's mobile app Flight Dashboard can be used to fly autonomous missions, create new ones on-the-fly, setup camera and drone settings, or fly manually.

Once a drone is connected, the flight dashboard can be opened, either by selecting the drone from the main menu, or loading a pre-planned or on-the-fly mission.

What this video to learn more about flight dashboard features and settings. 

Flight dashboard running a mission showcasing key controls and indicators.



Flight Dashboard Overview

Breakdown of what you see in the Flight Dashboard. Click the links to learn more.

Flight Dashboard with Mission Loaded


Running Mission with Map Full Screen



User Interface Settings

Learn about various settings accessible in the flight dashboard.



Cancel RTH

Cancel RTH from the dashboard directly instead of using the remote controller RTH button.



Auto Take-Off

Auto-take off instead of using the remote controller.




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