Sharing Mission Plans

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Sharing mission plans can be done in several ways and depends on the permissions you want to grant the other users.

You can share a mission plan as view only, or you can share a mission plan that can be edited by multiple users. 

A view only share, will allow the receiving user to be able to copy the mission to their account and make a copy which they can edit further. Learn how to Copy.


Share to a Contributor with Editing Permissions

Step 1 - Select Share from Mission Plan "..." Menu



Step 2 - Create a New Share and Select Contributor



Step 3 - Send Share Invitation Link to Other User


Manage Shares

Change, delete, or create new shares.



Share with View Only Permissions

Select Viewer in Step 2 above.

If your mission plan is Public, by being in a public repository, you can also share the mission plan using the URL.


Share Public Mission with URL

If the mission plan is in a public repository, you can copy the mission plan URL to share with other users.



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