Import Files to Create Missions (KML/KMZ, Litchi CSV, .dronelink, Agisoft)

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Import files to Create Mission Plans by selecting Import from the Create Menu.

Supported files include KML, KMZ, Litchi CSV, .dronelink and Agisoft DJIPilot files.

Imports are useful for mission plans or site boundaries you have created in other tools, or if the base map data in Dronelink is insufficient for accurate mission planning. 

This tutorial shows how to import a KMZ mission plan created in Google Maps / Google Earth.

During the import, it is possible to map the import elements to a type of Dronelink Mission Component, such as a Map, Waypoint, Orbit, Pano, Photo, Facade and Checkpoint. Dronelink will automatically match some items automatically, but a user can change as needed.

Imports require an Elite plan or higher.


Step 1 - Export from Google Maps to KMZ

The example mission has 6 mission components defined by either a polygon, shape, or marker. We've named each component for simplicity.



Step 2 - Select Import from Create Menu and Select KMZ File


After selecting Import you will be prompted to select a file.


Step 3 - Select How to Map Each Imported Item

Use the "Import As" dropdown to select the correct mission component for each item.


Here we change the last item to Import as a Pano.



Step 4 - Select Import and Edit Plan

The plan will import with each item as a separate mission component. Make adjustments to the altitudes, map direction, data captured, orbit radius, pano type, and more.







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