3D Planner - 3D Preview and Virtual Drone

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The 3D Planner opens a 3D Preview showing a Virtual Drones field of view and the flight path. Move the drone around to explore a mission plan or use it to set framing when building new missions using the 3D Planner Add button. 


Open the 3D Planner / 3D Preview

Select the 3D button in the Mission Planner 


On a desktop a Virtual Drone will show on the map, along with its field of view.



Select 3D Preview for a Mission Plan in the mobile app




3D Planner - Flying the Virtual Drone

Move the Virtual Drone in a variety of ways, either directly on the map when on a desktop, or dragging, rotating, zooming, changing altitudes in the 3D Preview on desktop and mobile.




On Desktop

Move the drone on the map by selecting it. Change the camera angle by selecting the focus point connected to the virtual drone.

Move the Virtual Drone using the 3D Preview.

  • Use the buttons on the top left to move or rotate
  • Left Click Drag to Move
  • Right Click Drag to Rotate
  • Zoom to fly in or away from the focus point.


Changing Altitude

Select the drone data strip on the bottom of the 3D Preview.

This displays the current Virtual Drone altitude, heading and gimbal pitch.

Selecting this opens a menu where the drone altitude and other parameters can be set.



On Mobile

Move the Virtual Drone by:

  • 1 finger press and drag to Move
  • 2 finger rotation or zoom to rotate or fly in or away from focus point
  • Same workflow for changing altitude

Note: Dragging, Moving, and Zooming all can change the altitude of the drone, and it can easily climb to heights not-legal in your country. Always check altitudes before flight. 


Changing Virtual Drone Camera

Selecting the correct drone camera for the 3D Planner is important when mission planning using the 3D Planner Add Menu. The field of view changes between different drone cameras.

Select the data strip in 3D Preview to open Virtual Drone settings.


Select the Camera. The field of view will update.



Mission Planning Using 3D Planner - Waypoints

In the 3D Planner, select the Add "+" button in the 3D Preview window to add Waypoints to a Waypoints Mission Component (if included in your Mission Plan) or add a Photo or Pano Mission Component. 

The Virtual Drone altitude, heading, and gimbal pitch will be used to add either a Waypoint, Photo or Pano with those same parameters.





Let's plan a waypoint mission using the Virtual Drone to frame the different waypoints.


Step 1 - Open 3D Planner with Simple Waypoint Mission

Starting from a simple waypoint mission, open the 3D Planner.



Step 2 - Frame Using the 3D Preview and Add Waypoints

Navigate the drone to your desired altitude, and framing and select Add > Waypoint to add a new waypoint. 


Continue adding waypoints.


Preview using Mission Preview


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