Add (+) Menu for Mission Planning

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The Add Menu is how you build mission plans, whether you have started from a Template from the Create Menu, or are building a plan from scratch, the Add menu is used to add additional mission components to your mission, or add additional elements to your Waypoints mission.

Select from the top options, or use Search to find specific items.



Select the Help Icon to open descriptions of each item.



Access the add menu in several ways:

1. Add using Add Button

Select the Add button from the bottom Right of the Mission Planner, or from the Mission Components List. After a selection, you may be prompted to place your selection on the Map.

On smaller screens, the "+ Add" button only shows as a "+" button.




For certain components, such as adding another mission component, you will be prompted to place it on the map.



2. Add from Map

Right click or long press on the map at the location you want to Add a new mission component or Waypoint Element, and Select an option from the menu. 

This Orbit was added directly on the map. 


Adding Waypoint Elements to a Waypoints Mission Component is also possible from the Add Menu.

Right clicking / long press automatically selects the nearest Waypoints Mission Component and the closest flight path.



Most Add menu options will have a map pin, however some Advanced options will only be added to the Mission Components List (ex: List, Heading, Hover)


3. Add from 3D Planner

Add Add Menu can also be accessed from the 3D Planner. With the 3D Planner opened, position the virtual drone (either on the map, or moving the field of view) and then select "+" Add. Select between Waypoints (only visible if a waypoint mission is added), Photo, or Pano.

Learn More about the 3D Planner.







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