Waypoints - Full Stop Camera Actions

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Full Stop Camera Actions can be added on Waypoints and Path Actions. The selected action will occur at the location of the Waypoint or Path Action. Using Camera Actions will disable Automatic Capture. These actions change the drone motion and flight path.

The drone will completely stop at this location, and your waypoints mission will be broken up into 2 parts with a new Photo or Pano Mission Component added in between 2 waypoint mission components.

See this article to learn about While Moving Camera Actions.



Dronelink recommends most users add these types of mission components using the Add Menu instead of splitting up a Waypoint mission.


Adds a Photo Mission Component. The drone comes to complete stop to take a photo at a specified heading, pitch and altitude. Waypoints mission is split into 2 parts.

Learn more about the Photo Mission Component.



Adds a Pano Mission Component. Drone comes to complete stop and takes a series of images defined by the Pano Mission Component settings.

Learn more about the Pano Mission Component.


You will be asked to confirm that your Waypoint mission will be split into 2 new paths:



This examples shows the behavior when adding a Photo Full Stop Camera Action. This splits the Waypoints Mission Component into 2 sections, with a new Photo Component inserted in between them. The example below shows the multiple pins which are overlaid at the split point.

Consider using Map Visibility to access and move the newly added component.



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