Mission Planner Mode - Normal / Expert

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The Dronelink mission planner can be set to 2 modes:

  • Normal: shows the most important settings. Default option. For most users.
  • Expert: more settings for expert users only


Step 1 - Select Hamburger Menu

Select the hamburger menu next to the Dronelink logo.



Step 2 - Select Mission Planner Mode

Select Normal or Expert from the Mission Planner Mode setting, located under Unit System.



When in Expert Mode, a "Expert" badge will display next to the Dronelink logo.



Normal vs Expert Mode for Waypoints

With Advanced Settings opened.

Waypoints_-_Basic.png  Waypoints_-_Expert.png


Normal vs Expert Mode for Maps

With Advanced Settings showing.

Maps_-_Basic.png  Maps_-_Expert.png


Jim Mode

Jim mode can be enabled and contains even more settings beyond Expert.

Click the version number within the hamburger menu 7 times.


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