Export to KMZ file and Google Earth for 3D Preview and Playback

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Learn how to export a mission to Google Earth to preview in 3D.

Either using the Google Earth application installed on your computer, or at earth.google.com 


Step 1 - Open Mission Preview

On the plan you want to preview in 3D, select the Mission Preview button on the Mission Card and let the preview be generated.



Step 2 - Select Export to Google Earth and Save KMZ

In the drone preview window, select the the Export to Google Earth icon.


Save the KMZ file to a folder.



Step 3 - Open KMZ in Google Earth



Step 4 - Play Tour in 3D by Selecting Flight Motion Layer

In Google Earth, select the Flight Motion layer, and select the Play Tour Button. Or just double click the Flight Motion layer to auto play.

This will play the mission in 3D.




Use the playback menu to play, pause, speed up playback.



Preview on the web using earth.google.com

Upload and preview the same mission online




Captures Layer

The captures layer shows where camera capture commands are being issued. Example of mapping mission and oblique photos showing captures.



Watch an Example Export and 3D Preview



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