Mission Planning on Mobile

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Mission plan directly in the Dronelink mobile app, on either a phone or tablet. Creating new or editing existing missions is easy with simpler mobile friendly menus and controls and better performance. The same mission planner at app.dronelink.com can be accessed from the mobile app or on a mobile web browser app. New plans or edits are synchronized across all devices.

Important: A good internet connection is required!

Features for mobile mission plan editing:


Step 1 - Select Create, "+" or Edit Plan

To create a new plan, select the red "+" Create button from the bottom right. 





To Edit an existing plan, select Edit Plan from the "..." menu on the plan you want to edit.




Login if Prompted

If this is your first time using the mission planner in the mobile app, you may be prompted to Login. Once logged in, you will not be prompted again unless you switch devices.



Step 2 - Select a Template from the Create Menu and Place on Map

Start with a mission template, in this case we'll start with the Map template.



Navigate to the location you want to place the mission template and touch the map to place the mission.




Name Plan, Select Done

Select a name for your plan, optionally edit the Action of Finish, and select Done to close the Plan Settings Menu.



Step 3 - Unlock Pins to Start Editing

Click the lock button to unlock and show the pins and begin editing. Tap the lock button again to lock and hide the pins. 




Step 4 - Drag Boundary Points to Edit Map Shape

Click and drag to move existing boundary points, or select the "+" to add and position new boundary points.



Step 5 - Open Map Settings to Edit Drone and Altitude 

Select the green map mission component icon to open the map settings. Set drone and altitude. Open advanced menu for overlap and other settings. 




Step 6 - Adjust Direction and Map Start Pin

Edit the map legs direction and drag the map start pin to your preferred starting location.



Step 7 - Add a Another Mission Component (Orbit)

Select + Add and select Orbit to add another mission component.

Tap a location to place the orbit.

Select the eye button (Map Visibility) to show only the orbit and hide other mission components on the map.

Learn more about Map Visibility.



Access Mission Components Settings from the List or Map

Open the mission components list to select the mission component you want to edit.

You can also select the green mission component icon on the map.




Mobile App Mission Planner Menu

Use the menu to access other features, settings, or exit the mission planner to fly the mission.



Step 8 - 3D Planner, Mission Preview and Mission Estimate

Use the mission preview, 3D planner or mission estimate to understand the mission before flight.

3D Planner


Mission Preview


Mission Estimate



Step 9 - Exit Planner and Fly Mission

Select "x" on the top left to exit the mission planner. Select the mission plan and connect your drone to start flying.








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