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Before flying your mission in the real world, use the Mission Preview to fly your mission with a virtual drone to see what the drone will do and capture. Use the mission preview timeline to see mission details, including data captured, mission length, drone and camera actions.

Pre-visualization tools are extremely helpful to prevent multiple visits to the field, or wasting time in the field editing mission, and allow you to catch mission plan issues before hand.

Another useful pre-flight visualization tool is the 3D Preview. Learn more.



Mission Preview Page Overview

The Mission Preview page shows the mission plan on the map with a Virtual Drone displayed on the flight path, the field of view on the top right, and a timeline of the mission on the bottom.


Step 1 - Open Mission Preview

Select Mission Preview on the Mission Card.


Step 2 - Select Play to Start the Mission

Select the Play button to start the mission.

The Virtual Drone will fly from the Mission Reference pin to the first Mission Component Start location.


Adjust the Flight Speed, or Pause the Mission.

The Virtual Drone is seen on the map.


Step 3 - Use Drone Field of View to Ensure Correct Framing

As you Play the mission, watch the Virtual Drones Field of View to ensure the shots are correctly framed. Exit the Mission Preview and adjust the mission plan as needed.


Change the Virtual Drone Camera

Select the drone camera you intend to use for your mission to ensure correct framing. Different drones have different camera specs.

Open the Virtual Drone Settings by selecting the drone indicators or the "..." button in the Virtual Drone Field of View.


Select the Camera to be used.



Step 4 - Use the Timeline to View Additional Details

Scroll through the timeline to view different mission components, flight time, camera and drone actions. Scroll down and open additional details.


Zoom in to see details such as the image number, and camera actions.



Toggle On Capture Markers

View locations of photos taken along the flight path on the map by toggling on capture markers.

Select the "..." button on the Mission Preview card to open the menu.

Select Toggle Capture Markers to view locations of photos taken on the flight path.



Export to Google Earth 

From the Mission Preview you can export to Google Earth for more advanced 3D visualization.

Learn more about Exporting to Google Earth.



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