Basic Orbits - Orbit Mission Component Intro

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The Orbit Mission Component flies a circle around a point of interest (POI) at a set altitude, height and radius, and can be configured to take video or interval photos.

Additional settings can be used to set a different POI, change gimbal angle, and drone heading.

Advanced Orbit features can be used to create spirals, arcs, or do multiple rotations. Learn about Advanced Orbit Features here.





Step 1 - Add Orbit from 'Create Menu'

From the Create Menu, select Orbit, and Place the Center on the Map

The Orbit mission template flies an orbit clockwise focused at the center, starting at 12 o'clock, with a 30m (100ft) radius, 30m (100ft) altitude, at a speed of 16 km/h (10 mph) and takes video automatically. 






Step 1.1 -Add Orbit from 'Add Menu'

Within an existing plan, add an Orbit from the Add menu, accessed by right clicking / press holding the map, or selecting Add and picking a location on the map.




Step 2 - Configure Basic Settings

Adjust altitude, radius, starting location, flight direction, speed, and data to be captured.



Drag the Orbit Start map pin to your desired radius and starting point.



Advanced Settings Overview

Expand Advanced Settings to edit additional parameters:

  • Set a Point of Interest (POI) that is not at the center
  • Change gimbal pitch
  • Set exact GPS center coordinate
  • Arcs and Spirals - set final altitude and radius, and partial or multiple rotations



Set a Point of Interest (POI)

Expand the Advanced Settings, Select Point of Interest to Add a POI and place it on the map


Mission Preview of a offset orbit with a non centered POI



Change Gimbal Pitch

Open Advanced Settings and Select "Add Gimbal Orientation"

This setting will not be available if you already set a Point of Interest.



Set the gimbal pitch angle.




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