How to Enable Drone Offsets / Mission Alignment (Georectification)

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Drone Offsets can be enabled for any mission, and are used to align / georectify a mission plan in the field, or to make minor adjustments to altitude, yaw, position. This feature is designed for inspections or reality modeling applications, but can also be useful to align a video or photo path.

A new menu in the Flight Dashboard becomes visible that be toggled on or off and can be used before the flight for alignment, or during the flight for offsets.

The offset menu consists of a Position offsets section, a Yaw and Altitude section, and an Exposure Value section. When paused an Alignment / Georectification menu is available.

See Aligning a Mission Using Adaptive Flight Drone Offsets to Learn how to Use Drone Offsets




Position Offsets

Allows a user to shift the entire mission plan during flight using the directional buttons.

Offset amount is displayed on top and can be cleared with the "x"



Yaw / Altitude Offsets

Allows a user to both increase or decrease altitude and yaw the aircraft left or right during flight. This can be helpful when trying to keep an object centered, increase altitude to navigate around obstacles or change the sample distance. 

Offset amount is displayed on top and can be cleared with the "x"




Mission Alignment / Georectification

GPS errors cause mission plans to not be centered correctly when in the field. Mission alignment tools can be used to georectify a mission based on a known reference point.

To open, in the offsets menu, select the mission alignment button. The mission must be paused.


A reticle will be displayed, and a Georecitification Mission Alignment panel will display. Follow the steps.



Enable Offsets in the Plan Settings Menu

Step 1 - Open Plan Settings


Step 2 - Expand Advanced Settings


Step 3 - Select Add User Interface Settings


Step 4 - Set Drone Offsets Visible to Yes



Step 5 - Open / Close Offsets Menu

In the Flight Dashboard, you can close and open the offset menu by selecting the following button.





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