Multiple Camera Mission Planning

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Multiple cameras / payloads are supported in Dronelink missions and are supported across a variety of component types. Configuring more advanced settings, outside of gimbal pitch, for the additional cameras require use of commands and selecting the correct target channel.


Add Additional Capture Angle

Within the Map, Facade and Orbit component it is easy to set additional gimbal capture angles.

Simply Select Add Capture Angle and Set a new Gimbal Pitch

For orbit, Select "Add Gimbal Orientation"

Note: The primary camera, channel 0, will be used for Camera Overlap calculations when setting the flight path.






Change Additional Camera Settings

Many other parameters can be set for the additional camera, however these must be controlled using commands and targeting the correct camera using the "Channel" field available in the advanced settings menu. 

In this example, we will set the secondary Gimbal Mode to Free, to enable us to set the gimbal heading to face 90 degrees to the aircrafts heading, allowing for an oblique image capture in addition to a NADIR capture during 1 pass.






Check in Mission Preview

After configuration, check the mission preview Gimbal and Camera channels for expected behavior.







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