M300RTK - Connecting Dronelink iOS Mobile App to Enterprise Smart Controller

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Important Notes:

  • M300RTK support is unofficial and drone is not actively tested by Dronelink

Plug an external iOS device into the Enterprise Smart Controller USB port to take control of the M300RTK with the Dronelink app and run automated missions.

Dronelink recommends using a modern iPad Pro for the best user experience. Due to multiple video feeds, a larger mobile device will perform best.



Step 1 - Turn on M300RTK and Enterprise Smart Controller

Step 2 - Open Dronelink Mobile App on iOS Device and Login

How to install the native app.

Step 3 - Connect USB Cable from Smart Controller to iOS Device




Once connected, DJI Pilot on the Smart Controller will change screens and display  "Aircraft Connected to Mobile Device." 




The Dronelink iOS mobile app will now take control. Open the a mission plan and you are ready to fly.




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