Single vs Multi-User Plans. How do I add users to my account?

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All Hobbyist accounts, and the Starter account are only for single users. A single user login cannot be shared. Sign up for separate accounts for each user, or sign up for a Growth plan, which can have multiple users collaborating within a single account.

Each user seat is an additional cost. A Growth account can have up to 20 total users within 1 account. If you need more than 20, that is no problem, and can be enabled within your account, please contact us.


How to Add New Users to Growth Account

Step 1 - Open Account Settings Menu



Step 2 - Open Members Menu



Step 3 - Select to Add New Member and Permission Type




User Permission Types:

  • Owner: Ability to manage billing, upgrade and cancel account and everything else
  • Admin: Ability to add and remove users, everything but billing related items
  • Contributor: Only mission planning, flying, viewing flights. 


Step 4 - Send Invitation 

End user must accept by clicking the link.



Adding More Users to Your Subscription

To see the New Member button, you must have a larger than 1 team size in your subscription. You will require increasing the number of members in your account and confirming the increase in cost.





Managing Invitations and Permissions

In the member list, see pending invitations, resend invitations, change user permissions, and delete users and invitations.









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