Inspection Mission Component - Create an Inspection Mission using Converter

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Learn how to convert any mission into an inspection mission. This is the primary way of using the Inspection Mission Component. 

Inspection Missions come to a complete stop at specific points and take one or more actions at the point, such as changing gimbal angles, heading, and taking pictures. This method uses triggered capture (sending a start capture command based on time or distance), as opposed to interval capture. This is useful to reduce rolling shutter issues for reality modeling use cases, or detailed mapping, or to take 48MP photos with a Mavic Air 2.

It was not intended to create inspection missions from scratch. The method covered below is how to convert other component types, such as Map, Facade, Path, into an inspection mission.

The other method to create an inspection mission is to import an Agisoft MetaShape DJI Pilot KML file created by this process: Mission Planning for Complex Structures.



Step 1 - Open the Mission to Convert

We will convert this bridge inspection mission which uses facades and map components.



Step 2 - Select Convert from the Plan Settings Menu

The mission planner needs to be in Expert Mode. 




Step 3 - Select Inspection from the 'Covert To' Menu

Dronelink will analyze and generate a new inspection mission




Step 4 - Select Finish Conversion / Optionally Edit Inspection Settings

A new inspection component replaces the Facade and Map components. There are some settings you can optionally adjust. Select Finish Conversion to Create the new mission.



Inspection Converter Settings:

Optionally adjust these settings to reduce the flight time, and the number of inspection points that will be generated.



Inspection Points Order:

  • Original Plan: Create inspection points that are flown in the same order as the original plan. 
  • Shortest Distance: Allow the converter to optimize for the shortest distance between points, flight path may jump around various points to optimize flight time.

Merge Distance: 

  • Merge points that are close together. Set the distance between points that will be merged into one point that will take photos with multiple camera angles and headings.




Step 5 - Select Repository for New Inspection Mission



Step 6 - Review Mission

The new mission name will contain "Inspection" at the end



User 3D Preview to review the mission, hover over any point to see the actions at that inspection point. 



Click in into a point to review the actions, and optionally edit, and add new actions.











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