Why do I see "Unable to Take Control" or "Automatic Control Interrupted" during missions?

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There are several reasons why Dronelink might display these messages. These issues may also result in the drone just hovering during a mission (without showing any error message).

  1. The flight mode switch is not set to P / Normal
  2. The drone is at or near the max altitude setting in the firmware
  3. The drone is at or near the max distance setting in the firmware
  4. The drone is in or near a no-fly zone which has not been unlocked
    1. This can be confirmed if you attempt to fly your mission in a different location without any issues
  5. Multiple flight mode has not been enabled in the firmware
  6. The drone does does not have a valid GPS fix, even for a brief period of time

Issues 2 through 5 can be corrected by changing the settings in DJI GO / Fly.

When mission planning, we recommend leaving a 5-10 ft buffer when choosing altitudes and distances that are near the maximum settings, otherwise you are likely to see these error messages.

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