How do I connect to a third-party flight logging service? (DroneLogBook, AirData, Aloft Air Control, Dronedesk)

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Dronelink integrates with multiple flight logging services, including:

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Once a specific user and account has been connected, the Dronelink native app will automatically upload flight logs from any authenticated device for that user.

To connect to your preferred service, follow these instructions:


Step 1 - Navigate to Account Settings and Click Integrations

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Step 2 - Click (+) Next to the Service

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Step 3 - Fill out details requested and select Connect

For more details on Aloft Air Control, see this article.




Once successful, your account name or token will display below the service and a delete button will show instead of a (+) sign.




Watch Video of a Dronelink Flight Logging Integration


Additional Details

Multiple Users:

If you are using an account that supports multiple team members, each person will need to perform these steps with the appropriate credentials / tokens as they are logged in.


Data Upload Details:

The app will attempt to upload flight logs:

  1. When the app first opens
  2. When a network connection becomes available
  3. When a connected Drone turns off its motors

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