What is on the Dronelink product roadmap?

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Dronelink is used all over the world by a large number of daily active users in a wide array of use cases. We constantly receive feedback in the form of feature requests and bug reports, and up-voting specific threads in these topics is one of the best ways to influence the prioritization of our product roadmap. Features and bugs with the most votes or votes from users with the highest volume of missions are more likely to be prioritized, and while this gives users a voice in our planning process, it also means our roadmap changes all the time. Combined with the fact that software development estimates are notoriously difficult, time-consuming and inaccurate, and Dronelink is not a large company with a slow, waterfall-style development process, this means we do not publish release date estimates or public timelines as they would probably be wrong and change all the time anyway.

With that said, we do try to be dilligent about posting updates to the original thread for a given feature or bug (when development starts / pauses / finishes, or when it is released), so make sure to subscribe to updates on the threads you care about. 

You can also review the release notes for past releases to get an idea of our development cadence and average number of features created and bugs corrected per release. Dronelink is constantly under active development, and we pride ourselves on being the first to market with many features, particularly when it comes to supporting new drones (after vendors such as DJI unlock access in their SDK), as our track-record proves.

If you want a sneak peek of what is coming next, check out the beta section in our release notes, follow the discussions about the beta, or join the beta.

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