Link Missions Together and Automate Settings all in 1 Mission

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A core feature of Dronelink is the ability to link together various mission components as well as automate camera settings at various points throughout the mission. Continue adding to your missions to capture all the data you need for a particular project, such as flying a map, followed by a pano and video orbit using video camera settings.



Open example mission


Viewing Multiple Mission Components in the Mission Planner

Each mission component that executes in a mission plan is shown on the map with a number displayed above it, indicating when it will execute, and in the Mission Components list.



Open example mission


Expand the Mission Components List

Select the down arrow next to the undo and redo buttons to expand the mission component list. You can access each of the mission components by selecting them on the map.



Understanding a Multiple Component Mission

After you have already created your first mission using the Create Menu, see this article for how, you can begin to add additional mission components to the mission, see this article.

This will result in a multi-component mission that will execute starting from the top and move down the list.

Use the Mission Preview tool to see exactly what will happen during your mission. Learn more here.

In this example, the mission will perform the following:

  1. Set Photo Camera Settings
  2. Fly from starting location to first 360 pano location and capture images
  3. Fly to second 360 pano location and capture images
  4. Fly to start of boundary photo flight path and fly entire path taking photos
  5. Fly to start of map and fly pattern until complete
  6. Set Video Camera Settings
  7. Fly to start of video waypoint loop and fly path capturing video


Show or Hide Map Components

Toggle on and off different mission components to see them and to focus on a single component.

Learn more here.



Automate Drone and Camera Commands

Automate drone and camera commands at various points throughout the mission. Automate just one command, or automate a number of them within a List. Search for the command you want from the Add menu.










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