Drone not supported. Why are some drones not supported?

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If you have seen an image like this, it means that your drone is not currently supported. 

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Why is a drone not supported?

Dronelink is built on the SDK (software development kit) made available by the various drone manufactures such as DJI, Parrot, Autel. 

Dronelink tries to add support as fast as possible for all possible DJI drones, and is working on adding drones from additional manufacturers when they are compatible.


Our ability to support a drone depends on DJI adding support for their drones in the DJI Mobile SDK.

Some drones will never be supported, while others will come over time as DJI makes it available. DJI does not usually reveal specific timelines for new hardware support, but in the past we have seen it range from weeks to a year.

Read the latest from DJI about which drones are planned or not planned to get MSDK support.



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