How to check if my device will work well with the Dronelink app before purchasing an account?

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Download the free Dronelink app, connect your drone to check for the video preview and run a confetti performance test to test your device performance.

It is possible to download and install the free Dronelink app, and connect your drone to check device compatibility without a Dronelink account login or paid plan.

You will only be able to access the Flight Dashboard for manual flights and access the flight dashboard settings menu to run the Confetti performance test.



Check Lists of Low Performance Devices

Check for your devices in this crowd-sourced list of low performance devices, or this list of legacy iOS devices to avoid.


Fast and Smooth Confetti

Make sure to let the below gifs load fully. If not fully loaded, it will behave like a low performance device.

Once fully loaded, this is how smooth / fast confetti looks like. If confetti is slow motion, or choppy, your device is likely not performant enough.


Example of a smooth / fast confetti



Good confetti at the end of a mission


Step 1 - Download and Install Dronelink

Download the correct version of the Dronelink app for your device and drone. See

Make sure you accept all permissions during installation process. More info here.


Step 2 - Check if Drone Connects with Dronelink Open and Drone On

Power on your devices, connect to your mobile device with a cable if relevant, and then open the Dronelink app, make sure to close other DJI apps. See here for common troubleshooting steps.

Watch for Drone connecting on the top right.


Once the drone connects it will display the drone name.



Step 3 - Select Drone to Open the Flight Dashboard

Check if the video preview displays. It will be gray if it does not work.



Step 4 - Navigate to Flight Dashboard Settings Menu for Confetti Performance Test

Open the flight dashboard settings. 






Step 5 - Run Confetti Performance Test

Toggle on Mission Accomplished Confetti

Watch to see if Confetti animates smoothly. If it is choppy, the device performance is low and you will have issues running Dronelink missions.












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