How do I setup Aloft Air Control flight logging integration?

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Sync DJI flight logs with Aloft’s Air Control platform for fleet and airspace management.

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Follow the steps below to connect your Aloft Air Control account to Dronelink.

Aloft lets you plan operations, track safety procedures with customizable checklists and risk assessments, and apply for LAANC authorizations, so you can stay on top of pilot currency, recency, and overall compliance with dashboard reporting and automated alerts.


From Aloft Air Control, you need to collect a User API token, and an Account ID, which will be inputed into Dronelink.


Step 1 - Add a Dronelink Connection in Aloft Air Control

From the Manage menu, select Connections, select Add Connection, and select Dronelink






Step 2 - Search for an Operator and Create Token

After you select an operator, select Create Token





Step 3 - In Dronelink, Select Aloft from Integrations Menu




Step 4 - Fill out User API Token and Account ID and Select Connect


Once connected a message will display, and the Integrations menu will show the connection and a delete button.



Log Successful Message

Once a flight is completed, the drone lands, props turn off, and the mobile device has a good data connection, the following message will be displayed.



View Flights in Aloft




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