Starting Flying a Pre-Planned Mission

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The missions you plan on the web or mobile app will be immediately available on your mobile device, provided it is connected to the internet.


Step 1  -  Open Dronelink App and Connect your Drone

Open the Dronelink app and connect your drone. The app will open to the Plans page.

open_app.pngOnce successfully connected, the drone model will display on the top right.


If you are not connected to the drone, a grey icon will display on the top right. Try replugging the cable to your mobile device if needed.

Info:  Make sure to close the DJI or any other drone flight apps. For best performance, close all unused apps.


Step 2 - Pre-Flight Checks and Status

Check that you have a green status showing that you are clear to start flying.

Open the flight dashboard by selecting the drone, if you want to start flying manually and check additional statuses.


  • If you see errors, use the drone manufacturers app to perform any required drone calibrations.
  • Make sure that you are in Normal, or Positioning P-mode on your DJI controller         


  • Make sure you are connected to sufficient satellites (we recommend over 10)
  • Make sure you have sufficient battery on both the drone and your RC 
  • Ensure you have sufficient space on your SD card.

Step 3  -  Open the Mission Plan

Under the Plans menu, select the mission plan. It will open and display in the bottom left.

You can also open a mission plan in the Flight Dashboard using the Quick Access Menu.



Optionally Configure Camera Settings 

Configure camera settings to use for the mission. Manually set the camera settings, unless you are automatically setting them.

Learn how to configure camera settings.


Step 4 -  Start the Mission 

Select the Start button to begin executing the mission plan.



Info:  You can either start the mission from the ground, or take-off manually to a safe altitude before selecting Start



Pause and Resume a Mission

You can pause a mission at any point, or it will be paused automatically by a low battery.

Learn how to resume a paused mission.


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