Breaking Down a Multi Component Waypoint Mission

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Let's break down the Quick Start Plan to understand what the automated flight will do, while learning some basics and useful Dronelink tools.

In the next section we'll cover making edits to the waypoint mission plan.


1  -  Breaking Down 3 Path Components

The Quick Start Plan is comprised of 3 different components (a key concept in Dronelink), which are flown one after another. These components are parts of the full mission that each have their own purpose. In this case generating 3 different cinematic video clips. The 3 components are:

  • Trucking Shot
  • Flyover Reveal
  • Flyby and Away



Let's remove the other components you can get a clearer view of each one.


Trucking Shot

A straight flight path with the camera facing one direction (left of drone direction in this case) at a certain gimbal angle, moving at a constant speed



  • Fly to Destination 1  mceclip2.png (green numbered icons, labelled in order in the plan) from the take-off location
  • Fly straight Path from Destination 1 to Waypoint A mceclip2.png (red icons are the last waypoint, all others will be blue)
  • Apply drone heading rotation (-90)  and gimbal tilt (-10 degrees) at Marker 1 mceclip5.png (purple icons). Markers provide additional instructions to the drone or camera once the drone arrives at that location on the path.

Mission Preview of the Trucking Shot component:


Link to the Trucking Component here


Flyover Reveal

A straight flight path, with the gimbal moving from a downward facing angle up to revealing the horizon.

  • Fly to the Destination  mceclip1.png (green numbered icons, labelled in order of execution in the plan)
  • Fly Path from Destination to Waypoint A mceclip2.png (red icons are the last waypoint, all others are blue)
  • Apply a gimbal tilt of -35 at Marker 1 mceclip3.png (purple icons)
  • Apply gimbal tilt of -9 at Marker 2 mceclip4.png


Mission Preview of the Flyover Reveal component:


Link to the Flyover Reveal Component here



Flyby and Away

Path that changes focus between 2 different points of interest (POIs), indicated by the purple star pin icons. The path follows a path focused the first POI (A) and curves out and away gradually changing focus to the 2nd POI (B). 

  • Fly to the Destination mceclip5.png
  • Fly Path from Destination towards Waypoint A mceclip6.png
  • Focus on POI A mceclip7.png starting at Marker 1 mceclip9.png
  • Gradually change focus to POI B mceclip11.png along path to Marker 2 mceclip10.png and final Waypoint B mceclip12.png


Mission preview of the Flyby and Away component:


Link to the Flyby and Away Component here


2 - Altitude Indicators

Altitudes are visible below Destination pins and altitude change markers:


mceclip0.png mceclip1.png



3  -  Mission Plan Reference Point

Each plan has a Reference pin (purple icon). We were exposed to this in the previous step when copying the plan and all its components to a new location. 

The plan Reference is generally considered the take-off location for the mission.

The pin can be dragged around to change the mission location and take-off location, used to move the entire mission together, and when clicked opens some additional settings for the entire plan.

This is also the location that the mission displays on your account map.


mceclip6.png    mceclip7.png


4  -  Mission Estimate

Select the Mission Estimate button to quickly preview the following information about the mission.




5  -  Mission Preview

A very powerful feature of Dronelink is the ability to preview your mission before going into the field. This allows you to know what the drone will do ahead of time.

To open the Mission Preview, select the following button.




Once selected the mission preview will start to generate.



The following page will open, with the mission plan displayed, a preview of the drones field of view, and a timeline showing details such drone and camera actions, how many batteries the mission will use, and more.

Select Play to see the drone execute the mission. A red drone icon mceclip5.png will move along the mission plan path.






If you are happy with the flight plan preview, itching to fly it, and know that you are safely above all obstacles, you can skip the next section where we make some edits to the Quick Start mission in the new location, and jump to Flying a Pre-Planned Mission.



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