Copy an Existing Mission Plan to a New Location

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Any public mission plan can be copied into your account to a location of your choice, and customized. Learn how discover new mission plans in public repositories here

Below we'll copy a plan into our account.


Step 1  -  Open the Mission Plan 

Open the plan you want to copy, in this case, we will be using the following mission plan: 

This plan is part of many others in the Example Plans Repository.

Selecting Edit Examples from the Create Menu opens this Repository.


Access many other public plans and missions by selecting Explore from the hamburger menu. 






After opening the plan you will land on the following page, showing the flight plan on the map.



Step 2  -  Select Start Editing 



Step 3 - Select Continue

It is possible to edit the repository into which this plan is saved. For information on Repositories here



Step 4 -  Select Continue to Move the Plan to the New Location



Step 5 - Navigate to New Location and Drop Pin

Either navigate on the map to the new location. Or search for your desired location in the search bar on the top right.

Then Drop the pin at the new location





Step 5.1 - Make Adjustments to Placement by Moving Reference

Once at your new location you can Right Click on the map to where you want to move the mission and select Move Reference. This will move the entire mission plan to this new location based on the mission plan reference (purple pin). You can repeat this step multiple as needed to position the plan where you want it.



In the pop up that shows, Select Move All Components




Step 6 - Name your Plan

Give the plan a new name by selecting the edit icon near the plan name.



In the next step, we will break down this mission plan to understand it more, review the flight path for safety, and then we'll move on to make some minor changes, such as adjusting the size, rotation, and editing altitude.









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