Staying Organized with Repositories

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Up to now, Dronelink has automatically placed your missions in a default repository called "Getting Started."

As you create more plans, you will want to get more organized using repositories (a folder) for your plans.




Repository: A folder with access permissions. Dronelink repositories are used to organize mission plans, components and more. Repositories are set to public access by default, making the plans within them public.


From the Create Menu, you can select which repository new mission plans are created in.




Step 1 - Creating a New Repository 

From the Create menu, Select Repository




Step 2  -  Give it a Name and Set Permissions

In the dialog that opens, give it a name, such as "Project A"

Set the Permissions to Public or Private.

Public repositories and everything within them are discoverable by other Dronelink users. Public repositories are a great way to collaborate with other users. 

Private repositories are only visible to users within your account.

Select Create




Step 3  -  Create a New Plan in Your New Repository

Once created, you will land within the repository.



Selecting Create from within a Repository will automatically set repository in the Create Menu


Create a New Plan in the New Repository. The Repository Page will display your new plan.



Step 4 - Navigating your Repositories 

On your account page, select the Repositories filter to show all the Repositories within your account.





Or use the search bar to find the specific Repository you are looking for:



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