Flight Management Portal - Mission History. Reviewing a Successfully Completed Mission in the Web App

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For any successful mission, useful information is collected and accessed from your Dronelink account.

This information includes:

  • Date and time
  • Pilot name and email
  • Mobile device used and Dronelink app version
  • Drone used and drone firmware
  • Mission engagement details and any details
  • File names that were captured
  • On-the-fly inputs used for on-the-fly missions only


Open Successful Mission

Open the successful mission from the Missions Menu.



The mission opens showing the mission plan, take off location and drone position, as well as the engagements menu.



Engagement Menus

The default menu that open menu shows the number of engagements (number of times the mission was paused and restarted).

For each engagement, details show the date and time, drone used, mobile device used, a pilot name and email.


The details of a paused mission are displayed under each engagement. 


Drone Used and Firmware Version

Hover over the drone to find out more details.


Mobile Device Used and Dronelink App Version

Hover over the mobile device to see what Dronelink app version and device details.


Engagement Details 

Files Menu

The files menu shows which files were collected as part of the mission. Dronelink does not store any of the files, but can track the file name and file size.


History Menu

The history menu shows the number of times that this mission was run and the date/time on which each mission was run.



Drone Details

Hovering over the drone icon shows the drone details, such as last GPS coordinate, and battery level.





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