Review Mission History - Successful, Paused, and Aborted Missions

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Review the flight status of missions from both the web app, and the mobile app using the Mission History menu.

Missions have 3 statuses: Succeeded, Paused, Aborted.

In the mobile app, Paused missions can be resumed. Learn how to Resume Missions here.

In the web app, useful information can be monitored for each mission, including date and time of mission, pilot that flew the mission, mobile device and drone used, mission engagement details, on-the-fly inputs used, and file names that were captured.

Learn more about Reviewing Details of a Successful Mission here.


Open Missions in Web App

At, select the Missions menu from the home page



Open Missions in Mobile App

In the mobile app, select Missions menu from the home page.



Filter Missions using Status, Date Range, or Search

Select to filter based on status, date range, or search for a specific mission name



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