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Remote controller sticks and buttons during a dronelink mission.



  • Arizona Wyldwest

    Question 1: Joysticks and and gimbal are not usable. It would defeat the purpose of an automated mission. They are basically locked out so they can’t be accidentally bumped and cause an issue and interrupt the mission and cause it to fail. 

    Question 2:  Keeping the DJI app running in background may not cause issues. However, it’s not needed and better to only have the DL app running. Maybe Jim or another DL rep can answer as to specifically some of the reason why. Really don’t need it open anyway and it will just use more processing power of your device and possibly cause an issue. 

    SC questions: I don’t have a SC so can’t help with those specific questions. I’m sure DL can help with those. 

    Hope this helps. Enjoy, Mike………


  • Roger Harris

    There's a request on the Product Roadmap to add a "Cable Cam" feature, which I believe would allow yaw and gimbal control while flying in a straight line, so you can concentrate completely on the camera while Dronelink flies a safe path. If you'd like that feature, please click the Cable Cam link and vote for it. I would personally like to be able to control the yaw and gimbal when flying any mission.


  • Ctdlg

    Thank you for your answers.

    Gimbal control does work on my DJI smart controller, with Dronelink - it is the left dial device.

    DJI app running in background : yes, it probably uses more processing power.

    I do not understand what a "Cable Cam" is. Reverso or Google translation into french does not help me : a cable for the camera !
    There is no description on the "Cable Cam" feature

  • Roger Harris

    A cable cam is a remote-control camera dolly riding on a stretched cable, like that sometimes used over sports stadiums. Here, it means the ability to have the drone fly along a straight line while you control the camera orientation, which is sometimes called "course lock."

  • Jim McAndrew

    Can I rotate the drone using left stick while flying a mission

    This is the roadmap item for this functionality

    Why do you recommend stopping DJI fly 1st when using dronelink

    It is less about DJI Fly specifically, and more about any app that connects to the drone. If the app keeps a connection to the drone while it is in the background, then other apps will not be able to connect. For example, Dronelink does this when you put it in the background while a mission is executing.


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